Photography Club

There has been a long-standing demand amongst the photographers of New Town Kolkata to have an umbrella forum that will facilitate photo enthusiasts to rekindle their love for photography. Photography would include both still photos and videos, using DSLRs and Smartphones.

Under this backdrop, New Town Photography Club was launched on 30 October 2022 by NKDA. The aim of the club is to facilitate creativity through photography, improve skills, and spread the love of photography.

Christened as “Capture the Light”, the photography club was formally inaugurated by Chairman NKDA, Mr Debashis Sen, in the august presence of several expert and amateur photographers. In his address, he mentioned that sharing photography experiences for senior citizens in the club would be an engaging hobby for senior citizens as it would delay onset of old age diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Dementia. It would be good for students for developing content creation skills in view of the fact that content creation is becoming a full-time career option and several young people have been quitting regular jobs to become content developers. In general, he mentioned that people-to-people interactions through Photography Club sessions may even increase the life expectancy of all participants as per scientific evidence. He donated a large framed photograph of the Sydney skyline from his personal collection to the Photography Club to inspire the members.
On the first inaugural meeting on Sunday evening, about 40 people participated. There were IT professionals, doctors, professors, teachers, engineers, bankers, school students and retired senior citizens. Ground Rules were adopted. Some of these were as follows.
There would be no membership fee and there would be no grant from NKDA either. NKDA would provide a space for the meetings, generally to be held once a month, preferably 6pm on the last Sunday of a month. Members failing to participate in three consecutive meetings would be liable to be struck off. Presentations, followed by Q&A sessions, would be made by members themselves. Other experts including film makers, content creators, camera and social media firm representatives would be invited to speak at some monthly meetings. Photography tours to Red Munia Zone and Pakhi-Bitan of New Town, Heritage Zones of Bengal, Streets of Kolkata, Festivals of Bengal, Ghats of Kolkata and even tours to other countries can be organised on a contributory basis.
Col. Indrajit Roy (retd), GM New Town Business Club and Mr Nairit Datta Gupta, Photographer were chosen as joint conveners for the Photography Club. It was also announced that on 18th Oct at 4 pm Photographer Sounak will hold a session at Business Club New Town for “Capture the Light” where members were invited to attend.

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