Black Hole, BBG Brunch, Misti Hub, Baul

As planned, we had yesterday the lecture session at MWM on EHT photograph of Black Hole at M87 Galaxy. Prof Bikas Sinha delivered the keynote address. The reason this was held in MWM was because in the science section of MWM there are wax/ silicon figures of Einstein, Jagadish Bose and S N Bose, all of whom were connected in some way to this event. Prof Sinha, now 74, and a Padma Bibhusan and holder of Homi Bhaba Chair in Variable Cyclotron Centre, mentioned how, like the CERN experiment in recent past leading to the discovery of Higgs Boson, these days all big breakthroughs came about by collaborative efforts of different countries. I mentioned about the role of inventing innovative algorithms by Katie Boudman (39, MIT) who through computer analytics wove together the image from discrete data inputs by eliminating implausible solutions. I also recalled the recent long discussions with IBM at my office where we agreed that STEM for girls and boys were very important. The audience contained few children and Prof Sinha too, in course of his talk, spoke directly to them. I mentioned, in my introduction to Prof Sinha, that this reminded me of the story how Einstein was sleeping peacefully when Millikan was experimentally proving the bending of light rays by Sun during an eclipse, proving Einstein’s theory that space-time curved in presence of heavy objects like the Sun. I also marvelled at how the ingenuity of the whole project that took the picture in 2017 but required two years of computation to be released last Wednesday 10 April 2019 in US. Ingenuous because you can’t take pictures if there is no light (photographers always say, let the light fall on your face) and in a black hole, by definition, nothing, not even light can escape its Event Horizon. So here comes the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) that was used here to see and detect the last horizon before the black hole engulfed everything. And millimetre wave telescopes and distributed simultaneous pictures were there as M87 is so far away, 6.5 cr light years away, and the angle subtended is as small as that of an apple on the moon on earth.

on April 14, 2019 at MWM. Left: Prof Bikash Sinha.

Anandabazar 15.4.2019

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Ei Samay 15.4.2019

Yesterday, the first brunch started at Biswa Bangla Gate (see clipping above). It was 1-1.20pm by the time we unfolded an enlarged menu to mark the beginning of lunch/ brunch on Sundays and holidays to start with. It will be a buffet spread and timings on 45-minute day visitors will have the option of joining the buffet on these days. The response on the opening two days (including today) has been very encouraging.

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Misti Hub for Misti on Poila Baisakh

There were a number of special sweets created by the shops in Misti Hub. I went there in the morning today to get misti doi for lunch with family at home. It tasted amazing ! (It was from Mithai counter of Misti Hub). The Misti Hub, beautiful as it is, was further decorated by flavours of Poila Baisakh by flowers, swastikas and bangla decorations.

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Eco Park’s Banglar Gram: Baul at Natmandir today evening for Poila Baisakh

On Mondays, the Eco Park is usually closed. But for Naba Barsha, it was kept open today and I saw many people streaming in especially after 5pm, when the scorching sun was going down. The Banglar Gram, near the Artist Cottage, has a natmandir and this was adopted to serve as a stage where a group of Bauls from Santiniketan performed wonderful Baul sings with an energy that was infectious. A sizeable number of audience enjoyed the show.

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Screen 1 of Nazrul Tirtha is noe 3D projection enabled: I saw the 3D effects in the movie Taming the Dragon
for some time

We had announced that Nazrul Tirtha will be able to show 3D movies in Hall 1 (the main, large one) from poila baisakh. Running against time, we did it. Day before yesterday, working continued throughout the night to replace the white screen with limited “gain” to a silver screen with large “gain”. This can show 3D as well as a 2D films. A special device has to be used in the projector and the mandatory glasses were also brought in. The last problem was to get the film sent digitally by the distributor on time, but just minutes away from the scheduled start it had arrived and I, along with Arup Ghosh (GM2), N Sil (TS) and Sudhakar Gupta (Ad Impact) were able to see the film. (I, however, left after 10 minutes or so as I had to go to the Misti Hub !)

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Millennium Post 15.4.2019
Times of India 15.4.2019

Nine hole golf course in Eco Park

Operational from today, on eve of Nababarsha
Few membership cards distributed

The driving range in Golf Arena in Eco Park was operational last year. Minister Firhad Hakim had done the opening. Today, the area has been expanded with help of a consultant from Delhi, a membership scheme has been introduced and keeping in view the ensuing Poila Baisakh, a cake was cut to signify the transition to a golf driving cum nine hole course.

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Anandabazar 13.4.2019

Car Parking App

Inspecting trial of car parking sensors near New Town Business Club

Recently, we tested a parking Apps designed by a start up. We went to the parking lot near Business Club and saw how the sensors embedded in concrete detects cars (and hence checks availability / non-availability of parking slots) by sending signals on to the cloud.

We, however, decided to try a trial near Tata Medical Centre.

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Salt Lake Telegraph 12.4.2019

First image of Black Hole: Discussion session planned at MWM 3 days after the event

Today’s Telegraph near wax image of J C Bose kept at Mother’s Wax Museum

Yesterday, human beings were able to collaborate to take the first image of a Black Hole. This was announced at Washington on 10.4.2019. Today’s papers carry this amazing news. We have planned to have a discussion on this image by EHT (Event Horizon Telescope) , a collaboration of eight telescopes in different parts of the world. I spoke to eminent scientist Bikash Sinha and he has agreed to deliver a short talk on this on Sunday 14th April at the Tattoo Room in Mother’s Wax Muuseum at around 6.30pm.

Here is a video showing the image.

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Ajkaal 11.4.2019
Khabar 365 dt 11.4.2019

Hi Tech Senior Living

Snehodiya : Air Conditioned Hi Tech Senior Living

Today Ananda Ganguly ED, Supriyo Bagchi CE, Arup Ghosh GM, Suparna Mitra AGM, Prasanta Adhya Webel and many other visited Snehodiya to see the Wi Fi, Video Conference, CCTV, IP Phone, LAN, Server and Panic Button installed by Webel. All installations worked fine and we then decided the Skype Room for private video calling.

The Snehodiya has relaxed payment options recently. These are as follows:

One can get a single bed room by paying Rs 9.3 lakhs. (Earlier it was Rs 25 lakhs). The monthly fees would be Rs. 24,900. This would include all meals, common services, electricity bills, housekeeping and common medical facilities. The best double room in premium floors (9th & 10th) would need Rs 17.50 lakh, monthly fees for two persons being Rs 41, 090. I quite liked these especially rooms in 9th floor. Absolutely fantastic.

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Telegraph 9.4.2019
Millennium Post 9.4.2019
Times of India 9.4.2019

Bangla Retro Cabin Food in Cafe Ajante on Bengali New Year’s Day

Remember Anadi Cabin’s Moglai Parathas of the yesteryears? The retro Bangla cabin food delicacies are being brought to life this weekend on the occasion of Poila Baisakh, the Bangla New Year. Delicious nostalgia to be savoured on the occasion of Bengali New Year. In AC environment, amazingly cheerful interiors, Paris-type ‘resto’ chairs under awnings, spectacular view of lawns and Eiffel Towe, and fascinating displays inside. Located at the foot of 55-m Eiffel Tower, with lift to take you up for a spectacular view of the lake and greens of eco park.

Cafe Ajante at Eco Park Eiffel Point
A bit like Paris restos)
Downloaded picture of Anadi Cabin Restaurant:

Some of the other events in New Town for the Bengali New Year:

Folk songs on Poila Baisakh at Banglar Gram
(Near Musical Fountain site; enter through gate 2, 5pm onwards)
(* Free Aam Panna to early visitors till stocks last !)
Cultural Function on Sunday (Chaitra Sankranti Day) at
New Town Business Club
Special Menu at Cafe Ekante, Eco Park Island

Lunch on Sundays start on Kolkata Gate. From Poila Boisakh

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Anandabazar 8.4.2019
Millennium Post 8.4.2019

Urban Farming

“Urban Farmers” and NKDA officers

Last week, we decided to empanel a set of urban farming agencies to help people in New Town grow vegetables instead of flowers on their rooftops or balcony space. We had representation from Mallarpur Uthnau, Harimitti Agro ( Sarkar Nursery ( ), Rajkumar Nursery and Palas Enterprise (all in second/ middle row in pic above). There are various models and issues like season, availability of sunshine, use of coconut fibres rather than soil to reduce weight on roof, periodic maintenance and watering but the product would be the property of the owner who can have home grown salads, organic and without pesticides. Since there would not be the economies of scale, the costs would be higher than the local market but then roof top flower gardens also cost money. The whole matter is part of the green city framework as it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions involved in transporting vegetables in trucks from distant villages or cold storage.

In the meeting last week, we decided that the empanelled agencies’ web links would be uploaded on NKDA website so that people can make a choice and decide on the agency that would suit their budget and requirement. The target set was mid April, preferably on Poila Baisakh.

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Times of India 7.4.2019